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URGENT: Take Action on Climate Change in California & New Infographic

August 9, 2016 Public Health Institute

California’s 2006 heat waves caused 655 deaths and over 16,000 emergency room visits. By 2099, California is projected to jump from 4 to an average of 99 extreme heat days every year. And climate events don’t affect everyone equally: African Americans in Los Angeles are nearly twice as likely to die from a heat wave as other city residents.

So why are two important California bills that would protect our health and climate—SB32 and SB1383—languishing in the state appropriations committee? Take action on climate change in California: tell California legislators to move the climate change bills out of committee this Thursday.

You can also view and share our new infographic, 6 Ways Climate Change Harms Health in California, with stats on food security, natural disasters, vector-borne diseases, heat-related illness, water shortages and air quality, along with call-out boxes highlighting the increased risks to our most vulnerable communities.

Below are a few model social media posts you can use to help share the infographic, or the call to action. Please post, retweet and forward to friends and colleagues today so they can act before Thursday. We’ll favorite your posts if you let us know that you posted them. Visit our action center for more ways to make your voice heard.


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    • #ClimateChange is already hurting CA’s health. Please #ActOnClimate & support #SB32 & #SB1383, @LorenaSGonzalez @Rendon63rd @JerryBrownGov
  • To share the infographic:


  • TAKE ACTION TODAY: Climate change is already hurting California’s health, with low income communities and people of color the most vulnerable. SB32 and SB1383 will help protect our health and climate—but they need our support. Tell California legislators to move the climate change bills out of committee this Thursday. Here’s how.
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