US Climate and Health Alliance
Photo: Mark Moran, NOAA Corps


The US Climate and Health Alliance is a national network of health and public health organizations and professionals dedicated to addressing the threats of climate change to health. Our mission is to amplify the health voice on a wide range of issues related to climate change and health, and to advance climate solutions that benefit health and equity, at all levels of governance.

The Alliance works to:

  • Advance efforts to mitigate climate change, while promoting and demonstrating the health benefits of reducing GHG emissions and building climate resilience;
  • Build the capacity of medical, nursing, public health and community health students and professionals to take action on issues related to climate change and health;
  • Integrate health and equity into climate solutions and policies;
  • Support health professionals to advocate on climate mitigation, adaptation, preparedness, and resilience policies and programs;
  • Educate the public and policy makers on the health threats of climate change and the health benefits of climate action;
  • Promote healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.

The US Climate and Health Alliance is an affiliate of the Global Climate and Health Alliance and partners with sister organizations in many other nations to advocate for effective action to promote healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities.

What We Do

The US Climate and Health Alliance connects health professionals in health care and public health from around the U.S. to:

  • Provide up-to-date resources for use in educating policy makers, colleagues, and community members about the impacts of climate change on health and health equity;
  • Share information and network with others through conference calls and a listserv;
  • Identify opportunities for health professionals to impact climate change policies at all levels of government;
  • Link and collaborate with partners in other sectors and other nations.

The US Climate and Health Alliance is volunteer organization. Members participate in quarterly calls, participate in workgroups, and share updates and information and coordinate with other climate change and health coalitions and initiatives.


Please join us to leverage the health voice in support of healthy and equitable climate solutions.