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Finding the information you need about climate change and health can be daunting – there’s just so much of it available. On this Resources page, we have tried to collect, curate, and categorize resources that cover a wide array of topics related to climate change and health. We have prioritized resources that are not in the peer-reviewed literature, but that offer credible information. Only relatively recent resources are included (post-2010), except for those that offer an excellent review of an issue, or are in some way seminal.

We welcome suggestions for additions to the Resources page. Only resources that have a date will be considered for inclusion. Please send your suggestions to

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  • 10 Things to Know About the New Report on Climate Change and Human Health abstract

    Resource Type: Factsheet/pamphlet

    Author: Stef McDonald

    Date: April 5, 2016

    This blog post produced by Climate Resolve presents the key takeaways from a report recently developed by the US Global Change Research Program and released by the White House. The report and factsheet present the impacts of climate change on human health in the United States.


  • 100 percent renewables—for a healthful California abstract

    Resource Type: Opinion/editorial

    Authors: Richard Allen Williams Mary Pittman

    Publication: Napa Valley Register

    Date: August 7, 2017

    A great op-ed co-authored by PHI President Mary Pittman about policy that could bring a 100% renewable energy future to California, which would greatly benefit our health.


  • 12 Steps to Operationalize Climate Change in a Local Health Department abstract

    Resource Type: Factsheet/pamphlet

    Author: National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

    Date: December 2014

    A fact sheet based off a journal article: Marinucci, G., Luper, G., Uejio, C., Saha, S., & Hess, J. (2014). Building resilience against climate effects—A novel framework to facilitate climate readiness in public health agencies. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 11(6), 6433-6458; doi:10.3390/ijerph110606433


  • 2015 Climate Change and Health Resiliency Report abstract

    Resource Type: Report

    Author: Rhode Island Department of Health Climate Change Program

    Date: 2015

    Funded by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) Climate Change Program is part of a national effort to anticipate and prepare for human health effects related to global and local climate change. CDC’s Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) framework is focused on integrating epidemiological data and climate change models to develop projections, identify vulnerabilities, and inform public health planning. The national effort includes the participation and collaboration of sixteen states and two cities. Five New England states, plus New York and New York City participate in a regional collaborative of BRACE programs.


  • 6 Ways Climate Change Harms Health in California abstract

    Resource Type: Factsheet/pamphlet

    Author: Public Health Institute (PHI)

    Date: August 9, 2016

    Our health and climate are inextricably linked. From polluted air quality to shrinking food and waters supplies, communities across California—and around the world—are already experiencing climate change’s harmful health impacts. The looming effects upon California’s communities, particularly those that are disproportionately vulnerable, are becoming increasingly urgent and severe. In a new infographic created by the Public Health Institute and our Center for Climate Change and Health, learn how climate change is already contributing to California’s rising rates of disease, poverty, and death—and find out how you can take action now.


  • A Breath of Fresh Air: Addressing Climate Change and Air Pollution Together for Health abstract

    Resource Type: Report

    Authors: Dr. Sophia David Dr. Nick Watts

    Date: 2016

    This report from the Alliance considers the ways in which integrated strategies to address air pollution and climate change will simultaneously lead to greater health benefits and cost-savings, than strategies which address them separately. It is clear that in order to protect health and wellbeing from the dangerous impacts of unmitigated climate change, the UK must work to decarbonise its economy as rapidly as possible, with the energy and transport sector representing two important first steps.