US Climate and Health Alliance

Work Groups

Currently an all-volunteer organization, the Alliance pursues its activities – with guidance from the Steering Committee – through two work groups:  Policy and Materials/Education. The scope and scale of each Work Group’s activities is determined by the group members. Our workgroups are currently in formation, so if you have joined the Alliance, please email us ( to get an update.

  • Policy Work Group: The Policy Work Group identifies strategic opportunities for health sector engagement in policy at the local, state, and federal levels, to support and leverage the voice of health professionals and organizations.
  • Materials/Education Work Group:
    • Supports the USCHA Climate and Health web-based Resources page
    • Identifies gaps in available materials and explores ways of filling those gaps
    • Collects, develops and shares training materials
    • Shares templates and examples of materials for use in the media and social media.