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Water and Wellness: Green Infrastructure for Health Co-Benefits


With careful design, green spaces can manage runoff and provide a range of co-benefits. Integrated planning of green infrastructure and parks systems helps to cost-effectively provide multiple benefits and contributes to more livable communities. Designing green infrastructure for stormwater management as well as co-benefits, particularly human health, offers several opportunities. The cost-benefit analysis of green infrastructure installations can include a broader set of economic returns. Design and project messaging that incorporates the co-benefits of health and well-being may engage additional community partners and be more compelling to the general public. Further, organizations and neighborhoods can be enlisted to help with installation and maintenance, partake in green jobs training, and build greater social capital. Green infrastructure that provides better human habitat is a win-win for community buy-in

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Stormwater Report
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April 2, 2014
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Health and Human Impacts
Cardiovascular disease Mental health
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