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Statement of Policy: Local Health Department Role in Addressing Climate Change


The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) strongly urges national, state and local health departments (LHDs) and related agencies to engage policymakers, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, communities and their own staff to prepare for and respond to climate change to reduce the severity of climate change-related health impacts. Adaptation: LHDs, in partnership with state and federal public health agencies, must immediately prepare for climate changes impacting public health. NACCHO urges the public health community to provide strong leadership for necessary climate change adaptation efforts. This includes preparing communities for extreme environmental events that accompany climate change and coordinating with local governments on all-hazards disaster planning. Mitigation: NACCHO supports strong and immediate international, federal, state, and local action to mitigate climate change. NACCHO urges the public health community to promote and participate in climate change mitigation efforts, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy production and use, land use, housing, and transportation.

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Position paper/statement
National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)
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Nov 2010
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Behavior change Climate adaptation/resilience Climate mitigation/GHG reduction
Vulnerability assessment

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