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Reaching Resilience: Handbook Resilience 2.0 for aid practitioners and policy makers in Disaster Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, and Poverty Reduction


This report seeks to provide aid practitioners, policy makers and disaster risk reduction (DRR)/climate change adaptation (CCA) students with an understanding of the issues, key points, assessment and planning tools, and proposed action to engage with multiple stakeholders, integrate different processes and to deal with constraints and power differentials when translating ‘resilience’ into practice.The handbook provides action points and messages that are widely applicable but their conditions for success contextualized – it does not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Readers are encouraged to approach the key points with an open mind and be willing to experiment, to reflect and be creative in their thinking to apply the action points in their specific context. They are further encouraged to actively look for opportunities to engage with stakeholders with whom they usually do not engage. The key points further enable practitioners, managers and policy-makers to reflect on the interactions and processes occurring during multi-stakeholder processes when identifying, shaping, and implementing interventions that intend to integrate the three realms of disaster risk reduction,climate change adaptation, and poverty reduction.

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Annelias Heijmans
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Care Nederland, Wageningen University, adn Groupe URD
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Disaster preparedness

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