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Protect AB 32: Clean Air Saves Lives and Money


Air pollution has created a public health crisis in California. California’s innovative clean air laws, including AB 32, are vital to cut harmful pollution from our air, reduce the incidence of asthma attacks and lung and heart illnesses that send people to hospitals and emergency rooms, and help people live full and healthy lives. AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, is helping California advance beyond dirty petroleum fuels and embrace clean energy, clean transportation and land use planning that reduces traffic pollution and promotes public health. AB 32 is part of California’s longstanding history of laws and policies to ratchet down on pollution emissions. Unfortunately, AB 32 has come under attack by those who want to defend the status quo. Now is a critical time for health and medical leaders to speak out and defend AB 32 as a critical air quality and public health law

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Position paper/statement
American Lung Association (ALA)
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Jan 14, 2011
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Health and Human Impact
Respiratory disease
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Air pollution
Climate mitigation/GHG reduction

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