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Leading by Example: Emission Reductions in Public Health Agencies. A Climate Masters Guide for the Public Health Sector


This manual provides guidance on how public health departments can prioritize and implement the operational changes that allow public health agencies to shrink their climate impact, and it also provides guidance about how to demonstrate a commitment to a healthy future.Energy, buildings, transportation, food, purchasing, waste, and water are all discussed, with specific steps outlined, alongside estimated capacity needs, costs, and impact of implementation. This includes actions that can occur internally, as well as steps that can be taken for influencing decisions that are ouf ot the control of health departmsnts. As well as actions that can be implemented immedicately at little cost, and those that may need long-term planning and budget allocation.

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Climate Leadership Initiative Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials
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May 2010
The Climate Leadership Initiative and the Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials
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Climate mitigation/GHG reduction

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