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Empower Kentucky: Executive Summary of the Empower Kentucky Plan


Over a 15-to-20 year period, KFTC’s Empower Kentucky plan would bring about a reduction of 40 percent of the state’s carbon emissions, which would also prevent the emission of “93 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide and 132 thousand tons of nitrogen oxide pollution over 15 years.”  By 2032, the plan would generate some 43,000 new green-energy-based jobs and invest $11 billion in energy efficiency. The plan would channel about $387 million into local funds for a “just transition” to clean power, boosted by lower residential energy bills. Drawing on mapping data from the Environmental Protection Agency, the plan targets communities of color that are disproportionately harmed by coal-related pollutants as well as ozone and lead exposure. The program also targets poor communities of all backgrounds surrounding oil and gas wells, which are exposed to more acute environmental impacts of the region’s entrenched extractive industries.

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