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Coal Blooded Action Toolkit


Welcome to the Coal Blooded Action Toolkit! Your community now has the necessary framework and tools to build a foundation for eliminating pollution from coal, one of the most important steps we can take, in our march to advance Environmental and Climate Justice. Whether you are a leader, partner or participant in a coal campaign, your role is critical to creating change. This journey will give each unit the necessary tools to become even stronger leaders in the community and advance the NAACP mission as champions of justice through upholding civil and human rights. The time and effort is now up to you and your community. By following the modules in the Coal Blooded Action Toolkit, your unit will experience writing letters to decision makers, using the media to advanc e your cause, organizing community meetings, negotiating with plant owners, etc., towards the ends of reduction of harmful pollution, improving health outcomes, increasing investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy, creating sustainable, healthy jobs/careers, and more. These activities were designed for communities to succeed and most importantly, use them as tools to do so.Part 1: Investigating Coal Pollution in your Community Part 2: Awareness-Raising and Education Part 3: Determining the Ask and Mapping the Plan Part 4: Infrastructure Part 5: Taking Action Part 6: Media Outreach

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