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Climate Change and Health Policy Global Survey 2015 Assessment Project Report


As reported by diverse scientific and health research organizations (including the World Health Organization), climate change poses a central and increasing threat to the health of the world’s people in this century. However, little is known about how national governments are planning for this unprecedented public health challenge. To address this gap in knowledge, the Climate Change Health Policy Assessment Project was developed by the World Federation for Public Health Association’s (WFPHA) Environmental Health Working Group. An online survey of actions by national governments for completion by health non-governmental organisations from each country was developed with the support of the Climate and Health Alliance, Health Care Without Harm, and the Public Health Association of Australia. It was conducted during August and September 2015 by WFPHA with support from the World Medical Association and its Young Doctors Network. National public health associations, medical associations, and other health professional organizations responded, providing information on the actions of thirty-five governments (15 developed and 20 developing nations). The respondent countries are spread across the globe, with six continents represented, and include USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, China, Australia, Japan and the EU

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