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Climate Change and Health in LA County: Opportunities for Clinical Intervention


As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify across Los Angeles County, clinicians can expect an exacerbation of many patient health problems ranging from respiratory illness to infectious diseases. Residents of LA County are especially vulnerbale to health risks associated with increasing extreme heat events, declining air quality, longer and more intense wildfire seasons, expanding habitats of vectors, and conditions that increase risk of water and food-borne disease. One acute example of the burden climate change places on regional health is the 2006 record-breaking heat wave which resulted in over 650 excess deaths across California. Certain populations within LA County, such as low-income communities, are particularly at risk and may require additional care and resources to protect their health.

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Kristen Lew Elizabeth Rhoades
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Rx for Prevention
November 2017
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State/local health department (inc. international)
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Heat illness/extreme temperature
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