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Climate Change and Gender Justice


Melting ice-caps, freak storms, the search for ‘green’ forms of transport and the international carbon trading system; superfi cially, both the impact of human-induced climate change and the policies adopted in response to it may seem gender-neutral. In reality though, there are complex and dynamic links between gender relations and climate change, as the chapters in this book show. These connections exist whether we are discussing human vulnerability to climate change’s effects, how to adapt to those effects, or ways of reducing the levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are causing climate change. Awareness of these gender dimensions is growing fast in Gender and Development (GAD) circles and among women’s rights activists, but in mainstream policies they still tend to be overlooked. In part, the absence of a gender perspective in climate change debates is due to a lack of information and evidence. The chapters in this book help to fi ll this serious knowledge gap.

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