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Climate Action for Health: Integrating Public Health into Climate Action Planning


This document introduces key health connections to climate change mitigation strategies, suggestions of where these fit into a CAP, a process for forging partnerships between planning and health organizations, links to data that will help planners identify and reference the existing health status of their jurisdiction, and supporting documentation, evidence, and resources. Additionally, we provide a number of examples of CAP strategies that integrate public health objectives, and health departments and community-based organizations that are making efforts to improve community health and reduce GHG emissions.This document provides a starting point for local plan – ners and public health practitioners seeking to understand the health impacts of climate change and identify public health co-benefits in climate action planning. It provides supportive rationale, evidence, and data for incorporating health considerations into climate action planning through summaries of research linking health outcomes to climate mitigation strategies. It provides suggestions for creating dialogue and partnerships between public health agencies and climate action planners, optimally resulting in long-term collaborative relationships that leverage the strengths, skills, and resources of multiple agencies. Finally, this guidance places a high value on meaningful participation of residents and a high level of community engagement in each stage of the CAP process, in order to identify locally relevant strategies, and improve implementation of those policies and strategies.

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Solange Gould Kathy Dervin
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February 2012
California Department of Public Health
Climate action plans

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