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City and County of Denver – Climate Action Plan 2015


As global concern grows over the role human activity plays in accelerating climate change, opportunity exists to implement changes to minimize the most severe and potentially irreversible impacts on our planet. To help address this critical issue, Denver is releasing an updated Climate Action Plan (CAP) with new strategies to meet our 2020 Climate Goal. Released in 2007, Denver’s first CAP set a goal to reduce GHG emissions by 10 percent per capita below 1990 levels (at that time, equivalent to an overall GHG reduction of 3 percent). Denver exceeded this goal in 2010 thanks to innovative regional strategies in the energy sector, with notable reductions in buildings and transportation. The 2015 CAP integrates the most recent climate science, an updated GHG inventory, GHG reduction strategies to meet the existing 2020 goal and a renewed commitment to necessary reductions by mid-century. Under the leadership of Mayor Michael B. Hancock, in 2013 the City established the Denver 2020 Climate Goal, which calls for an absolute reduction of GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. This would require a 10 percent reduction of GHGs from 2005 levels—an ambitious goal when considering how much growth in population and economic activity will have occurred over that time frame.

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