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Air Pollution is Yet Another Issue that Disproportionately Impacts Minority and Low-Income Communities


First responders are trained to give people immediate life-saving care and get people out of dangerous situations. When a patient is suffering an asthma attack that’s caused by air pollution in their community, we can administer drugs to calm the attack, but we know it is only a temporary fix. To reduce the risk over the long term, we must improve the quality of the air in our communities.This month the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit will begin to review the Clean Power Plan. The plan, created by President Obama to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, will decrease other harmful emissions as well. In communities already bearing the burden of pollution from nearby coal plants, we see many health impacts from the pollution ranging from increased rates of asthma and respiratory disease to lower life expectancy. These ailments are especially prevalent in the low-income and minority communities where coal plants are often sited.

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Georges Benjamin
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The Huffington Post
October 9, 2016
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