US Climate and Health Alliance

Public Workshop: Public Health Research Roadmap on Emerging Electricity Generating Systems

Location: Hearing Room B California Energy Commission 1516 9th St Sacramento, CA 95814

Sponsor: California Energy Commission and the Center for Climate Change and Health

More information: For additional information please email

The Public Health Institute’s Center for Climate Change and Health invites feedback on their Public Health Research Roadmap through two upcoming public workshops. This project, funded through the California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC), focuses on prioritizing research needs on the health impacts of emerging electricity generating systems. The roadmap will focus on renewable sources along with storage and transmission technologies, looking across life cycles to highlight gaps in current knowledge on exposures, hazards, and impacts. We are seeking input from diverse stakeholders across various fields, including labor and industry representatives, environmental justice and health equity advocates, as well as energy and health researchers. The Northern California workshop will also be webcast live through the Energy Commission’s Webex program.

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LIVE SIMULCAST: Central California Asthma Collaborative 4991 E. McKinley Ave. Suite 109 Fresno, CA 93727 Contact: Stephani Pineda