US Climate and Health Alliance

Navigating the Intersection: Western Water, Climate Change & Public Health

Location: Webinar

Sponsor: Carpe Diem West

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Whether you’re a water utility manager in Colorado, a public health director in California, or a water justice activist in Arizona, climate-driven changes in western water are already having direct impacts on public health. What lies ahead and how do we work together?

Join presenters Laura Briefer and Dr. Linda Rudolph as they:
1. Present key findings from recent interviews and research
2. Highlight data and science to inform decision-making
3. Build dialogue among experts in the field

Laura Briefer is Director of Salt Lake City Public Utilities. Salt Lake City is already working to address the impacts of a warming climate on their water resources and the resulting health consequences. During the webinar, Laura will present specific steps Salt Lake City Public Utilities is taking to protect their communities, water supply, and environment.

Dr. Linda Rudolph is a national expert on the health effects of climate change and a top policy advisor in this field. She’ll give an overview of the current health impacts of climate-change impacts on water we’re seeing in the American West.