US Climate and Health Alliance

March to Break Free From Fossil Fuels

Location: Los Angeles, California

Sponsor: Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles

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This march is the first of its kind — not only are we uniting as Californians to demand change at home, but also as part of a massive global movement and week of action to end the age of fossil fuels.
California is on the frontlines of the climate crisis and is devastated by the impacts of extraction everyday. More than 5 million Californians live within a mile of a fossil fuel extraction site and nearly 13,000 people have completely run our of water during this drought.
We’ve already exposed the failed leadership of our elected officials to protect our citizens and put pressure on everyone from Governor Brown to city council members who are not moving quickly enough to ban dangerous drilling. The March to Break Free will be another step to show our collective force to keep fossil fuels in the ground and protect our communities.