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The US Climate and Health Alliance is a national network of health and public health practitioners dedicated to addressing the threats of climate change to health.

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New from Environmental Health Perspectives! Multiple Threats to Child Health from Fossil Fuel Combustion: Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Change

February 21, 2017

Environmental Health Perspectives

Approaches to estimating and addressing the risk to children from fossil fuel combustion have been fragmented, tending to focus either on the toxic air emissions or on climate change. Yet developing children, and especially poor children, now bear a disproportionate burden of disease from both environmental pollution and climate change due to fossil fuel combustion. This commentary summarizes the robust scientific evidence regarding the multiple current and projected health impacts of fossil fuel combustion on the young to make the case for a holistic, child-centered energy and climate policy that addresses the full array of physical and psychosocial stressors resulting from fossil fuel pollution.


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Immigration, Climate Change, and Equity- A Unified Response to the Trump Administration

January 27, 2017

President Trump signed two Executive Orders cracking down on immigration, which effectively build the wall along our Southern border, militarize it with more border agents, allow ICE to access local and state law enforcement records, and increase the rate at which people are detained and deported. Additionally, it is anticipated that he will sign an order soon that “would indefinitely block Syrian refugees from entering the United States and bar all refugees from the rest of the world for at least 120 days”. He is rapidly making good on his campaign promises.


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People’s Climate Mobilization

April 29, 2017

Location: Washington, D.C.

Sponsor: The People’s Climate Movement

More information: Find additional information here.

Join the People’s Climate Movement and many other professional and advocacy organizations on April 29th in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate against harmful roll backs in climate legislation and environmental regulation.